Dual Use Cluster aims to develop an innovative functional network based on the MULTIPLE HELIX model to ensure the stimulation of collaboration between representatives of the economic environment, research and education with the direct involvement of funders, whose main and related activities will revolve around the challenge of generating and bringing to the highest level the Romanian dual-use industry.

Creating a collaborative platform between these areas to enable the defense industry to benefit from non-military productive innovation and supply on one hand and, on the other hand, military innovation to be applicable in the civil sector, has remained undesired by the economic actors, despite its establishment as a strategic objective.

Our strategy is determined by following several steps, such as:

  1. Coordinate the development & expansion of Helixconnect Europe in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans;
  2. Attract R&D funding to support the regional ecosystem;
  3. Network and connect and partener up with regional stakeholders;
  4. Facilitate knowledge and technology transfer in the field;
  5. Matchmaking between members


1) Biotechnology

2) Cybersecurity

3) E-Learning, E-Training

4) One health

5) Textile industry

6) Command control systems

7) Intelligence surveillance reconnaissance systems

8) Critical infrastructure protection

9) Special materials/items


1) Know-how transfer;

2) Technology transfer;

3) Financing;

4) Visibility;

5) Matchmaking;

6) PPP projects;

7) ISR strategies;

8) Foresight;

9) Security operations center / cyber security and incident response team


1) Business developer;

2) Ecosystem animator;

3) Technology scouter;



  •  Creating integrators for niche markets;
  •  Insertion on the global value chains – Tier 1 certification.


  • Market share;
  •  Inovation management / professional formation.