TID Group aims to be the first veteran-owned business company that helps clients to solve their toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

With expertise across more than 27 industries and all business functions, TID delivers transformational outcomes for a demanding new challenging world. The mission is to help companies to enable economic growth through their infrastructure and energy development, and to provide solutions that facilitate and support cooperation between local and foreign companies.

“TIDG is a private, non-partisan private company that provides integrated or tailored consulting, strategic and operational information and communication, intelligence and security, business mediation, scientific research and academic and professional debate, ongoing training and education, and specific activities tailored to fulfil the social responsibility stemming from the company’s vision. ” (https://tid-group.ro/)

ARMORED BUSINESS CONSULTING is a private company for brokering and consultancy for selling weapons for military destination established in 2018. It is, also, a new and flexible company adapted to the rigors and demands of the global economic market. The company provides top services and products for customers worldwide, except for the countries under EMBARGO. The company’s high quality equipment, already known on the international market for its reliability, is now available to clients, directly from the producers. The strong points are the attractive prices for the products Armored Business Consulting intermediates and the negotiation skills for the contract terms, in order to provide both the producers and the buyers a win-win situation.

The main goal is the QUALITY of the products Armored Business Consulting intermediates and of the services they provide. In this respect, Armored Business Consulting already implemented the quality assurance system according to the international ISO 9001 standards series requirements and it’s fully certified and qualified by the Romanian ministries and agencies for legally provide such services. Based on our knowledge of the Romanian economic and financial system, but also having considered our military background, Armored Business Consulting is the right company to provide its clients military consultancy and brokering for military goods services. The company has good connections to the Romanian producers, but also to the international ones and have managed to achieve a certain degree of notoriety on the market in time. In Romania, under which law we offer our services, Military Consultancy and Brokering services for military import-export activities are covered by Government Ordinance no 158/1999 on the control regime of export, import and other operations of military goods, republished. You can read more details about legal framework on the Romanian authority for such activities, ANCEX (https://armored-international.com/)

Wallachia eHub has developed on the basis of the Wallachia Hub regional cluster consortium and on innovative regional clusters and ecosystems from the South-Muntenia region created in the last 5 years. Thus, the Wallachia consortium includes the Danube Engineering Hub clusters, Bio Concept Prahova Valley, Danube Furniture Cluster, CERMAND, as well as the USH Pro Business entrepreneurial center. Each of these entities has been active at regional level, independently of each other, with a range of services related to innovation management and the stimulation of smart specialization. Specific to these structures was to link the demand and regional supply of services, for which there were both providers of digitization services and beneficiaries from manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, tourism, logistics services, creative industries, etc. In November 2019, in the context of growing interest in clusters and entities in the region to support smart specialization policy at the regional level, the Wallachia Hub consortium was formed with the aim of developing smart specialization connections and opportunities between various branches of the regional economy. Since its formation, the consortium has taken on member experience in the field of digital innovation and has had constant concerns related to developing digitization services for members. In this context, in May 2020, Wallachia eHub was created as a Digital Innovation Center structure within the consortium. In parallel, the universities in the consortium stimulated the creation of a regional alliance structure between universities – Muntenia Universitas. Wallachia eHub is currently evaluating this hub on the European JRC platform. (wallachiaehub.ro)

PETAL S.A. was founded in 1949 and has an experience of over 40 years in the design and manufacture of oil equipment, valves and industrial fittings. The company is one of the established manufacturers of petroleum machinery and equipment for different geographical conditions of climate and environment, equipment and spare parts for drilling and extraction of crude oil and methane gas, industrial fittings, geological equipment, spare parts for major repairs of metallurgical equipment. (https://www.petal.ro/)

High quality Software Development solutions with consistent cost reduction.
Access to large pool of IT professionals. Access to talent — sustainable source of skills.

Research & Development Services
With our Partners from Private Companies & Public Institutions we’re one of the largest Research & Development pool of experts in multiple sectors !

Blockchain Solutions
5 years experience in Developing Solutions on existing AND new Blockchain infrastructures

Brain AI – Neuroscience and psychology research, cognitive science, clinical psychology research, social psychology research, developmental psychology research, linguistics research (https://lew.ro/)

Smart eHub, partner of Wallachia eHub for Bucharest region. Its mission is to identify collaborative projects for digitalization of all the relevant stakeholders such as: companies, clusters involved, research institutes and software companies, public authorities, and universities. For all parties, the objective is to stimulate technologically innovative capabilities in order for the region to deliver the services of the European Digital Single Market. Smart eHub’s initiative represents a first step in supporting an efficient technological development and mapping the South-Muntenia & Bucharest region on the European map of digitization. Furthermore, our purpose is to support digitization through collaboration with different sectors of activity and to establish a culture of co-creation of technological joint solutions and products through a trans-sectoral collaboration, in various fields from education and creative industries to agriculture.(www.smartehub.ro)

USH ProBusiness is a specialized center, dedicated to entrepreneurial activities, designed to offer support to companies and provide suitable solutions, able to sustain competitiveness across all the business cycles. It is a spin-off Spiru Haret University and created its ecosystem of innovation and internationalization, comprising business incubators and accelerators, a technological transfer center and several clusters in manufacturing, IT&C, organic products, creative industries, medical services, dual use industries (ushprobusiness.ro). It ensures the management of a/m hubs together with other partners and the secretariat of the Consultative Council of EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Inter-Bio is an interprofessional organization for organic agro-food products, which aims at promoting, representing, protecting and facilitating the common interests of  the founding members and other members of the organization in relations with the central administration bodies and with other domestic or international associations or federations. (www.inter-bio.ro)

The organization aims to undertake a series of activities including: supporting and promoting the value chain manufacturers, processors and traders;representate members interests in order to increase economic competitiveness and to create new skills;supporting members  to do export and with internationalization;professional training of the members;participation in national and European networks;increasing the research, innovation and development  potential of industry members;integration of organic farming into the other branches of the bio-economy;raising public and consumer awareness of the benefits of organic farming;The organization aims to develop concrete plans in order to adapt agri-food products to the European legislation and standards for the development of economic agents, involved in the Community’s competitive environment.

Smart Alliance Cluster – the mission is to create the perfect environment for Romanian companies to strive in the competitive local, European and global market through networking, know-how and access to international technological partners. The perfect environment translates into nurturing an innovation-first mindset and creating unique products (software and hardware) that allows our members and partners to be on top of an always-shifting market. (http://smartalliance.ro/)

Danube Engineering Hub aims to harmonize and represent the interests of business, research, administration and catalysts to increase economic competitiveness and build skills, sustainable development, internationalization of members, professional development of managers and employees, management of a common database , participation in national and European networks, increasing the innovation potential of enterprises. (www.clusterdeh.ro)

Danube Furniture Cluster wants to become a center of excellence in the field of furniture industry and a point of attraction for companies in the region that want to develop on the domestic and international value chain, in a combined effort, within a cluster-type associative structure. Danube Furniture Cluster promotes innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and collaboration based on mutual trust for the development and increase of competitiveness of the companies that make it up. The vision and mission of Danube Furniture Cluster is to develop as much as possible the value chain on both national and international links in the field of furniture industry, to identify as easily as possible the resources needed for the whole process, through RDI activities, and technology transfer and specific knowledge. domain. (adfc-dfc.ro).

Bio Concept Valea Prahovei Cluster aims to harmonize and represent the interests of enterprises, research, administration and catalyst entities in order to increase economic competitiveness and skills creation, sustainable development, internationalization of members, professional development of managers and employees, administration of a common database, participation in national and European networks, increasing the innovation potential of enterprises in the following sectors: agriculture and organic horticulture, bio-medical, bio-technologies, bioeconomy, tourism and cultural identity (spa, medical, cultural, hiking), food nutrients, cosmetics, environmental protection and conservation, renewable energies, creative and cultural sectors, social innovation. (bioconcpetvaleaprahovei.ro)

Romanian Textile Concept – the main goal is to create a favorable environment in which member companies can support and develop their activity, as well as to create, develop and implement programs that lead to the sustainable development of the textile industry. The cluster is a natural platform for a public-private partnership within the textile industry, which includes members from industry (manufacturers), research and development (universities, research institutions), public authorities and companies with a catalytic role (consulting companies, marketing -advertising, carriers, etc.). The particular objectives that the Cluster has set for themselves are to increase the competitiveness in terms of products, labor force, distribution and penetration on new markets, through innovation-research, marketing tools and communication methods, training – education on the strength of work involved. (romanina-textile.ro)

CERMAND Cluster aims to ensure the sustainable microgeneration of energy at Regional level with national, macro-regional and European impact. The use of own resources will be considered, with the central objective of ensuring environmental protection and reducing losses and pollution by integrating innovative concepts of energy transition in local development policies, and aiming to support SMEs in the renewable energy sector. (cermand.eu)

ARIES (Romanian Association for the Electronics and Software Industry) is the largest and most influential organization created for the IT&C industry in Romania, with 4 zonal branches: in Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj and Craiova.

ARIES is a voice that supports the interests of the field both in the country and abroad. Partner of the Romanian central and local authorities, ARIES has become a symbol of the sustainable development of the information society.

The premise from which ARIES was born is to support the informational competitiveness of Romania in the same line with the other nations of the world, having a code of ethics to which all members subscribe. (www.aries.ro)

ACEX (The Association of Export Business Centers) was established in 2018 as a professional association of those interested in the sustainable development of exports based on knowledge and managerial skills as consistent as possible and knowledge transfer to all those interested in internationalization and innovation. ACEX’s main objective is to support domestic exporters at regional and national level, in order to be competitive in international markets, through integrated service packages and knowledge transfer adapted to the specifics of their activity. ACEX develops integrated service packages adapted to the specifics of the exporters’ activity, as well as forms of consultancy and training for internationalization and innovation at the level of companies and alliances of companies, such as clusters or export consortia. (acex.ro)

Clustero – founded in 2011, Clustero is the representative body of Romanian clusters and the main platform of cooperation, exchange of information and support towards the development of the national cluster landscape based on innovation and internationalization; 47 of the most active Romanian clusters. (clustero.ro)

Clustero offers:

  • Regular information on regulations regarding the clusters ’activity, sources and possibilities of financing, events;
  • Support and consulting for the establishment, development and collaboration within and between clusters through network training;
  • Supports for interests at national level in their relations with national and international bodies (the Romanian Government, the EU, etc.);
  • Cluster performance monitoring and assessment, courses and specific trainings.