The main project of the Dual Use Cluster is to create “DUAL USE COMMUNITY BASE”, through which we aim to concentrate the entities involved in the use of dual technologies in Romania under one auspice, so that this field is more accessible to both members and companies interested in the dual approach.

The events organized within the DUC aim to clarify and put in context the key elements of the dual sector, so that participants have access to information on funding, digitization, legislation, international fairs and other opportunities.

Recent developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and more have huge potential for human benefit, but much of the same progress threatens information, control, surveillance, uncontrolled recognition by biased or lethal algorithms for which no one is prepared. Romania needs to understand these developments and integrate them into future efforts.

The complex security risks arising from these biased and lethal algorithms (which are in principle functions of algorithms, data, computing power and an agenda) are rooted in the fact that decision makers involved in the development or deployment of artificial intelligence in general it does not focus on fundamental issues such as “security”. As a result, in Romania it is necessary to build a sustainable culture of dual technology development involving researchers, investors, users, regulators and decision makers in the field to inform and educate those involved, and not only, about the development of algorithms that it could become a dual-use dilemma.